One of the world’s leading sport lifestyle companies opens its 9th store in the Philippines at bustling Cebu City!

Finally the long wait is over! Calling all fashionistas, trendsetters, sneaker lovers and sports enthusiasts – you may now flock to the Puma Store at the ground level of the newly opened Active Zone last October 15 at Ayala Center Cebu to get your style fix of goodies! The Puma Store Ayala Cebu is well-stocked with shoes, apparel and accessories comparable to its counterparts in Manila and other shopping city destinations like Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and even in Europe. No need to go far, your favorite Puma stuff is now within your reach!

Puma Store at the Ayala Center Cebu Active Zone

Opening at the onset of the Fall 2009 season, the Puma Store has an impressive collection spanning categories such as Women’s, Archive (Heritage), Teamsports (Football), Motorsport (Ferrari, Ducati, Red Bull Racing, STR Racing) and even Sailing.

Puma has been in the makes-you-feel-good business since 1948, effortlessly fusing influences from sports, lifestyle and fashion. The result – stuff that makes you feel better about looking better. Puma recognizes the unique individual, people who are looking for cool designs more than the function and technological mumbo jumbo that go with it, people who has an inclination to portable technology leading busier and hectic lives. And to it put simply, people who just want to look damn good. Puma offers stuff that can be worn whenever and wherever – from the gym to the mall, from shopping to meeting with an ex, from a train stop to a coffee shop. Aren’t you glad Puma is here now?

Visit the Puma Store at Ayala Center Cebu at the Ground Level of the Active Zone. The first PUMA Cebu store was opened by Cagayan de Oro-based company, Spruce Designer Network Inc. Photo credits go to Trisha Tamparong for InStyleCebu