Shopping for GoJane Shoes Online

The internet has become second home to online shoppers like me who want nothing but items that you are certain you wouldn’t be seeing at the mall in the future because they are not just imported but also one of a kind. The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your apartment, instant and easy payment with credit cards and Paypal as well as free shipping and delivery is too irresistible to pass. If you want to buy shoes online and get the best bargain deals, perhaps you might like to check out is the perfect example of an online shoe store that sells trendy items online and only online. Other trendy stores like Forever21, H&M and GAP are almost identical copies of other popular designer collections just like how items are. So who doesn’t fall prey to that last page where you enter your credit card numbers in? When I know that I definitely need a new pair of shoes because my friend Tihn is getting married in Cagayan de Oro and on a time like this where it is ALWAYS a time like this, I shopped online at GoJane and found the perfect pair of gold shoes.

Rosette T-strap Peep-toes in Yellow Gold – Ruffle t-strap peep toe heel $28

Shoe shopping online at GOJANE

Look at the details of the t-strap. So cute and Steve Madden-y

Shoe shopping online at GOJANE

And I couldn’t resist on this slingback cross strap snake heels in black, too!

Shipping costs $6 = Total = $58 or P2700. Not bad for two pairs of shoes, right?

 I’ve tried both of them on and they fit like a glove even if they are US sizes. You can really appreciate how they cost less compared to high end retail shoe sites like Michael Antonio or Carlos Santana, who by the way, have almost the same styles. Because the only overhead cost they probably have to maintain their business is the site and running the store, GoJane will always be more affordable. I had the shoes shipped to my friend Faye’s house in Jersey and she brought this over with her when she got back to PI the following week. Now the shipping part is tricky because GoJane doesn’t have the Philippines listed under their Billing Address drop down. Just put a quick note like this and you can’t go wrong:

an select Hongkong or whichever is near

Online shoe shopping sites in US that I love: (they ship to the Phils!)
Carlos Santana

The sites accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and AmEx. Others also give you an option to pay through PayPal.


You can buy in the Philippines from these local resellers:

ZooShop of the Zulueta Sisters
Mae Sergio of VirtualMae
Tip Toe Shoes

These sites usually allow Gcash payments, bank payments, Cash on Delivery (COD) and Paypal.

How long will it take?
The order was placed on January 3 and it was shipped on January 8. Standard shipping took 5 days – my friend had it with her on January 14. Efficient, right? Took about a week but I’m pretty sure it would have been earlier had I opted for the Expedite Shipping choice which is $10 more. If you order from eBay and the reseller is from Manila, sometimes you would have to wait for the bidding to end which usually takes a week until you can buy. If the item is not on auction, you can have it shipped immediately (by immediately, it means 2 days the most)

So after the thrill of shoe shopping online at Gojane and getting the shoes, yes, it is highly likely that I might get to purchase again online in the future but in the meantime, I am also perfectly happy with local brands or resellers  such as Janylin, Prima Donna, People are People, Maldita or imported resellers like Topshop, Mango, and Aldo. With the varying designs and styles being offered in the market and are readily available, we women enjoy shopping for it even if it would mean ending up having aching feet at the end of our shopping spree from walking through different stores and trying on millions of pairs. You can’t really replace the gaga-moment of impulse buying.

*This is a repost from the same writer from an old site.

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  • hey there

    hi, i believe charles and keith is not a local brand. and people are people is not the brand, just an outlet selling different imported brands.

    hope this can be cleared. and keep posting!

    • Kristine

      Hi thanks so much! That has been cleared already :)

  • csq660

    yes,we like the brand,also you can believe another web

  • TheAofDNA

    I had been delving into the online shopping for my shoes/heels as well and the prices were amazing, especially on GoJane which I would swear by, but I found another one site a which has almost the same styles and has plenty more variety. I actually just went on the site and found the same exact shoe and it was more expensive on GoJane (only by a dollar but hey everything counts haha); I would go ahead and say its even better than GoJane for shoes. It’s called and I also just took a quick look at the checkout to see if Philippines was in the drop down menu and it was! Which definitely interests me since I just made a big move from California to Cebu! :)

    It’s just that it does add an international shipping expense of $31 for standard and $38.50 for express. So I probably won’t be doing it very often unless I decide to buy multiple shoes at a time.

    Anyway, thanks for the informative post and you should check out the site I told you.

    Best Wishes

    • Kristine

      I love the site ana! in fact, I already listed down my wishlist! Hahaha! My cousin from the States will be coming over to PH so I hope she’ll be kind enough to bring them hihi :) Thanks for dropping by!

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