Check out the invitation for the Style Gala 2010 – the graduates of Stylissimo Fashion and Design Sessions!

When fashion works for one person, it can probably work for others as well…

When fashion opens its arms for those who want to embrace it, it just takes sheer creativity and dedication for one to be part of the circle, and by making a stamp in all things beautiful. To quote one of Cebu’s iconic design ingénue Furne One, internationally recognized & now a big name in Dubai, “For one to become a fashion designer, one must be either creative & talented, has the right resources  & can afford to operate the business or just be that lucky with a perfect timing, to be successful and make it big in fashion. You can either be one of those or have all that. “ Furne mentioned to me a few years back when I first stepped into Cebu’s fashion industry in the mid 90’s, that which inspired me to pursue my long time dream to become a fashion designer. Since then I realized that creativity can either be innate or learned, through education and experience and by being on the right track to thread your way in it.

The summer of 2010 marks the second year of giving fashion fans a shot at becoming future fashion designers, brand retailers or simply  just stylish individuals who want to learn a trick or two in fashion. STYLISSIMO SESSIONS 2010 paved the way in opening an atmosphere that centers on training and enhancing ideas aimed at welcoming new fashionably inclined individuals in the Visayas. Aspiring to be a fashion designer now a days just needs some inspiration and a little guidance from senior fashion personalities to mentor them through the basics of the trade coupled with the knowledge , skills, and the attitude to begin a career in fashion.

This year The STYEFIRM partnered with the Cebu Design Education Foundation (CDEF) through the Chiye Mori Design Library as the perfect venue for the workshops,  through the efforts of Ms Rosemel Calderon, to train a whole new batch of individuals that love to learn about basic fashion designing and styling. As it officially started last April , students were able to know basic knowledge on fashion illustration and sketching under Beethoven Bachilier and Peewee Senining, basic flat pattern making, textile and fabrication from Annie Lim of Anthill and Blak Fabrics, construction and draping techniques by Oj hofer, while experiencing skills applied through actual drills on styling, fashion shows under this writers mentorship, and apprenticeship program with some of Cebu’s top names in fashion. Founder of Clothes for Life Inc. Joy Bernaldez, and CFL past presidents Salvador Malto and Harley Ruedas opened their doors to accommodate the design students and give them shop management and designing experience with first hand information on the true nature of the business at present. This prepares the students, not just how to design and to create clothes but to learn the realities related to what’s going on in the fashion jungle out there.

This batch of sessionistas , as we call them, come from different realms of life, from college students, to housewives to business people and even out of town, from Ormoc and Bohol. All assemble every Saturday and on scheduled days to attend the training and  workshops, either in the Chiye Mori Design Library or at designated out of the classroom locations to suit the topics discussed per session. Now that the workshops are at the final stage of completion, each designer will present a one of a kind creation to be exhibited at ANTHILL Fabric Gallery on June 25 until June 30, 2010. This would reflect their individual design direction as they interpret it by using fabrics provided by Ms Anya Lim of Blak Fabrics.

Stylissimo Sessions 2010 by Ed Buenaviaje at the Anthill Gallery

Stylissimo Sessions will culminate on July 17, 2010 at the Teatro Casino of PAGCOR at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug Cebu city.  The event dubbed as STYLE GALA 2010, will feature the works of the fashion design sessionistas modeled by the modeling  workshop students  with top mannequins from AD MODELS PHILIPPINES HOMME ET FEMME.

**This article was published from last Friday’s The Freeman. Cover photo and first on display are of Cris Gella’s for Stylissimo 2010. Last photo is of Edd Buenaviaje’s**

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