If you’ve had your fill of summer must haves, let me help you with your summer pre and post activities.

1. Match your hair color with your tan.
2. Invest in a really effective suntan lotion. Nivea Sun Oil Spray does wonders to your skin and by wonders I mean glowing, bronzing, shiny, shimmery and splendid!
3. A high the SPF doesn’t mean you won’t tan. You will still TAN but protected from the sun’s UV rays more.
4. Protect not just your skin but your hair.
5. Buy a pretty fan! Flower power prints is always a wise addition to spring/summer. (also they keep mosquitos at bay)
6. So what if you don’t have a perfect summer body this year? It is all about your attitude! Feel good and you will look good. (and no this is not an excuse to say yes to that Big Mac)

7. Activate your for auto-emailer for I’m on Vacation replies
8. Stock on your summer itinerary and that means yes, our local bars here are actually giving us special summer treats even on weekdays.
9.  Buy a “hat in season”. The floppier, the better! Dress up your floppy hats with colorful scarves, printed bands and gold braided headbands.

All that said, I’m just glad that I colored my hair in bronzed, tan or something close enough. When I asked friends if there was any slight difference in my skin tone, they went, “Um, they match your hair?” Brilliant answer!

I can’t wait to post our beach sojourns this year. A trip to Panay, Bantayan and Basdako was enough to activate my love for this season! Where are you headed this summer? Pray do tell!