If you are someone who feels strongly about your style—as any fashionista should—summer might be a slightly fraught time for you. Some people feel that it is even more difficult to be fashionable and confident in summer because, given the heat, you have to say a lot with a relatively small amount of material. If you want to be incredibly confident this summer, make sure that you take a moment to consider some important fashion tips.

Choose an Ensemble

Tiara Fuchsia

The key to picking a good outfit in the summer is to make sure that it all works together. Your clothing should match your shoes, and your jewelry should match both. This is something that can help you create a very put-together outfit. Start from the ground up to ensure a red carpet summer look—shoes will tie an outfit together! Choose shoes that match the formality of your outfit, whether your outfit calls for wedge heels, cute sandals or very tall, spiked heels. Dare to be bold and try a bright colored wedge, or mmix patters with your wardrobe accessories! Let your inner fashionista shine.

Cool and Breezy

With the summer sun coming down harshly, remember that you should keep things as open and breathable as possible. Consider how you feel about loose clothing with some dramatic drape. A long skirt made of very light cotton or linen is a good choice for all kinds of summer occasions and one of my favorite go-to pieces. Similarly, think about how a long maxi dress will look when you wear it out to the beach.


When you think about layering, chances are good that you are thinking about layers in the fall. However, layering can be a summertime convention as well if your layers are very thin! Start with a very light camisole and top it with something with light long sleeves. This protects you from the sun and it allows you to remove the outer layer when the temperatures really rise over the course of the day.

It is never too late to get stylish and sure of yourself for summer, so be sure that you consider how you can look your best.  Your confidence is all about how you present yourself.