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Formo's Melvin Banzon, Jacqueline Tan, Kaiser Tan with Johnnie Walker models

Johnnie Walker Platinum Launch in Cebu

One of our favourite stops during Sinulog 2013 – The Johnnie Walker Platinum launch on Sinulog Friday at FORMO CEBU! With dreamy Paolo Cabrera hosting the event and so much free flowing JW Platinum all over Formo enough to float…

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The New Formo Interiors and Menu

FORMO – Cebu’s Favorite Chill-Out Lounging Destination is back! Successfully completing a month-and-a-half -long renovation under a new management wing, FORMO RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE re-opens its doors on October 19th, 2012 and invites you to hop on-board as it makes…

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Why I’m Getting My Enjoy Card for 2012

I had a preminition back then. I knew that someone would feel sorry for the amount of money I spend on my lifestyle. Someone might consider coming up with a system that not only gives you more reason to indulge…

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Trapped in Denim and Azul

Last July 15, Trappings, held AZUL: The Fashion Show, a Mabel Paredes line of accessories and the debut of Justine Gloria’s Hair and Makeup team! Thanks to Formo‘s amazing PR team, I was able to orient myself with the brand…

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