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Threadcycle Presents A Yard Sale Event with Cebu Style Icons

Pixie Dust Creations in partnership with OLX Philippines, the country’s largest buy and sell website makes online shopping easier, fun, and meaningful this summer as it launches the very first Threadcycle: A Yard Sale event on May 16-17, 2015 at The Terraces,…

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What A Girl Wants Cebu (1)

The New WAGW Flagship Store

Cebu’s young and stylish set cheered and toasted to the newly renovated What A Girl Wants (WAGW) flagship store at the Ayala Center Cebu along with the fabulous ladies behind WAGW Diane Uy-Ang, founder and CEO, Jacklyn Uy, Marketing Director…

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Shop at Multiply

Do you remember when Friendster was still dominating the social media networking community in the 90s and Multiply was our answer to storing our high-res photos and sharing them to our friends? Multiply has grown bigger and its market has…

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Why Be A Vecino in The Persimmon Studio

This blogpost won Best Blog during ABOITIZLand’s Persimmon Launch Contest This is not about dieting or exercise or product reviews. It’s not about sit-ups or smoothies. It’s about doing the things that will get you to a comfortable living within…

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