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Lazada’s Ultimate January Sale!

Brace yourselves, folks, as LAZADA.COM.PH, will be giving away HUGE discounts TODAY from 10am to midnight. Eight (8) items will be released every hour. Special items include Sony Smartwatch at 50% OFF, Lenovo Ideapad at 25% OFF, Toshiba 32″ LED HDTV…

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Your Weekend Bag When in Cebu

Weekends are usually spent with my baby Basti and the boyfriend or if you have awesome friends, you just never know where the day usually ends up in. Besides the fact that I keep an emergency duffel bag in the…

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CUZO Mica Tote: A Review

Don’t you just happen to have a bag that makes you wish it is summer everyday? Just because seasons expire doesn’t mean that you just have to bid adieu to that bright colored summer bag you bought last season! After…

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Shop at Multiply

Do you remember when Friendster was still dominating the social media networking community in the 90s and Multiply was our answer to storing our high-res photos and sharing them to our friends? Multiply has grown bigger and its market has…

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