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Lee Jeans Celebrates 125 Years of Craftsmanship in Sinulog!

Everyone is challenged to think way out of the box and explore the endless possibilities that their curious minds can bring them. Curiosity breaks boundaries, and can even take you places; which is the reason why Lee is heading to…

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Giving Tribute to Three Years

Almost 1095 days of drunken stupor and happy nights which of course wouldn’t be the story of my life because I do not drink ever (why, you ask, let me show you in another blog post if required) yet were…

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The Penthouse Cebu 3rd Year Anniversary!

It seems like it was just last weekend that we have had hardcore fun at a party central known for bringing in international djs, celebrities and well, just about anything EPIC. Oh wait – we have had several of those…

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Republic Invades SINULOG 2012!

HERE WE GO CEBU!!! REPUBLIQ & OPUS SINULOG INVASION! feat. Funk Avy Niña Saputil X Factor Remix Manolet Dario Bombi Balquiedra Lets get it on! Saturday Jan 14 10pm Pre parties The Loft (w/ OPUS Manila) Penthouse ( w/ the…

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