I have probably known the unhealthiest person in the planet. She abhors vegetables, hardly drinks water and her idea of exercise is a 1-hour shopping excursion at MOA. The last time she had been enrolled in the gym was in 2011 when she spent most of her time in the sauna and dancing to 15-mins of Zumba.

Sadly, that person is me.

I’m even embarrassed to admit that I’ve probably resorted to all kinds of weight reduction programs but I am not embarrassed to announce to the world that my diet is not the most ideal in the world (hello, cupcakes!). I seriously think that when I get that desired weight, I would eventually submit myself to all healthy things that I mentioned earlier. Well, positive thinking should get me somewhere. Ha.

Thanks to supportive friends, I want to give Smart Sense’s Green Coffee a chance.


I have had my fill of slimming coffee (no pun) and trust me – they all have the same effects: dry throat, nausea, insomnia yet the shedding is overwhelming. Shall we raise our glass to a slim me in the next few weeks? *crossing my fingers*

Product Description:



Green coffee 800+ Formula is a drug-free, dietary supplement developed from a blend of herbal extracts. Contain double formula for stong effect and taste increasing. When used with a healthy diet plan, Green coffee800 plus helps your body to burn fat and calories. The EXTRA formula that makes the difference!

Leptin Green Coffee 800+ is the is the same successful formula of the Green Coffee 800 with double formula for increasing the taste and the slimming effect. The formula is a drug free dietary supplement developed from a blend of herbal extracts. When used with a healthy diet plan, Green Coffee 800+ helps your body to burn fats and calories. The herbal extracts and minerals used in this product were gathered around the world to make this diet supplement natural. Green Coffee 800+ contains antioxidant qualities necessary to cause thermogenesis that increases metabolism of fat. Chromium and Vanadium increase the burning of carbohydrates and metabolic rate. Panax Ginseng helps maintain energy levels while dieting. Another ingredient, Heartleaf, starts the process of burning fat while maintaining your appetite.

Ingredients: Green Tea Leaf, Caffeine, Calcium, Chromium Picolinate, Panax Ginseng Root, Antioxidant Polyphenols and Epigallocatechin Galate (EGCG).


Contents: 18 packs Green Coffee 800+ in a factory sealed box (18-day supply).

Important: This product is not suitable for people suffering from cardiac conditions, high blood pressure or diabetes. This product is not recommended for pregnant or breast feeding women. If there is any sensitivity to this product or if under any medication, please consult your health care professional before use.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, or to make any claims. As individuals differ, results of this product may differ, even when taking the same dosage. Always consult your health care professional before starting any detoxicated or dietary program. This Leptin Green Coffee 800 review is 100% my opinion.

To note:

1. Take on pack in the morning at least 10 minutes before breakfast.
1. Drink 6-8 glasses everyday. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
2. Leptin products is not suitable for everyone especially those with heart conditions. Consult a doctor.
3. Maintain a balanced diet.
4. Exercise is ideal.
5. Beware of fake products. More information on how to spot a fake here http://green-coffee-800.com/Content.asp?ID=13

Starting as a cooperative of health products, Smart Sense International Ltd,. has grown to become the largest slimming food & beverage company – Worldwide.     This achievement has been the result of successfully implementing major structural changes to fulfill the demands of the highly competitive weight loss market and adapting activities to satisfy the logistics of the global market.

Smart Sense international Ltd,. specializes in several types of slimming coffee, slimming tea, and various other slimming beverages including detox and dried food products extending to marketing expertise and effective distribution systems. For Smart Sense, the consumer generates the most important value in the supply chain, which starts with the farmer and ends only with the satisfied consumer.

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