Noticed anything new with Flawless lately?

Just a couple of weeks before it celebrates its 11th anniversary, the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services, Flawless, marks several milestones as it formally launches its new digital face and voice in Cebu. Below is their newest look online. Visit their website here.

Whether we like it or not, the Philippines has evolved to become one of the world’s biggest online communities. Ranking 8th among countries with the biggest number of Facebook users worldwide, the Philippines is also the 10th biggest Twitter nation with over 9.5 million active users. A great feat considering that only 30% of Filipinos have access to the Internet, these numbers served as the basis for Flawless’ most recent digital efforts.

Last April 2012, Flawless launched an online magazine on to replace the brand’s monthly newsletter. Aptly named “Flaunt,” the digital publication is intended to be Flawless’ signature online editorial habitat.

Flawless’ Marketing Manager, Patricia Mendoza adds, “In revamping our website, our main focus was not about our preference on design and features but more about improving the overall online experience of current and potential patients. The website design, navigation and sections were mapped out to reflect the mindset of someone looking for information on a certain product or service and ready to make a purchase decision. We want to make it easy and convenient for our patients to look for what they want may it be product information, how a particular service is done, nearest clinic location, inquire about franchising or simply to book an appointment with the clinic.”

A few weeks ago, Flawless visited Cebu and met with their friends from the media (us?) and showed us how Flawless is definitely ramping up this year.

Drew Mendoza

Flawless Cebu

with everyone! Thanks Flawless for the warm reception!

In an effort to better improve the quality of service and experience it offers Cebuanos, Flawless recently revamped its SM Cebu clinic to cater to a wider number of beauty aficionados in the area.

Flawless Cebu
Five years after it debuted its full range of products and services in the area, Flawless’ third biggest clinic in the country underwent a major renovation to sport the brand’s new national look. Situated on the second level of SM City Cebu, Flawless’ clinic boasts of a warm modern-European look, accentuated by the brand’s signature pink tones. In its lobby majestically hangs a custom-made chandelier that tastefully complements the clean display of the brand’s well-celebrated beauty products. The branch is clad with posters of the brand’s renowned celebrity endorsers and products, while inside is a series of beds that sits spaciously apart from each other in a relaxing room that houses some of the most advanced aesthetic machines in the country.

Congrats Flawless! Flawless Cebu is located at 2/F SM Northwing Cebu.