A party in the Hamptons is not complete without the flawless spring and summer fashion that accompanies warm weather. Flirty frocks will replace heavy boots and shapeless coats as vacationers begin enjoying their Hamptons real estate rentals. Nautical fashions are always in style, as they reflect the history and landscape. Women who have been spending time in this part of the country for their entire lives develop the ability to combine upscale glamor with casual comfort. Natural fibers like silk, linen and cotton breathe more easily than synthetic fabrics do. Hamptons fashion is organic, reflecting the lifestyles, hobbies and values of the people who spend time there.

Daytime fashion is light and crisp. It is common to see people using the local nautical influence as inspiration for their ensembles. Striped tops with either long or short sleeves are casually worn over skinny jeans. The shirts are usually blue, reflecting sailors’ colors. An outfit like this transitions smoothly into nighttime attire by simply adding a blue or red blazer. White dresses are also perennially popular. This year’s most popular style features t-shirt sleeves with a deep scoop neck. Color can be added with blue or red espadrille shoes. Espadrilles with heels that feature colored denim are this summer’s hottest accessories. These shoes can be swapped out for formal sandals or pumps for events that take place later in the day.

Women can elevate the appearance of typical strappy sandals by choosing a pair with an elegant high heel. A great pair of shoes can quickly transform a casual outfit into a carefully coordinated ensemble. The contrast of jeans against fancy sandals creates a very contemporary model-esque look. An androgynous outfit comprised of rolled-up chinos and a fitted polo shirt can be softened by adding nautical bangle bracelets and the aforementioned heeled strappy sandals. Feminizing a somewhat masculine outfit is an easy way to dress it up for nighttime wear.

Hamptons gardens may inspire floral attire. Nautical blues can still be incorporated into one’s look. When paired with pretty colors like lavender and pink, the blue blends to emulate the flowers of spring and summer. Spring nights may still be chilly, so lightweight sweaters should be brought along on vacation. Big floppy hats protect the skin and eyes from the sun while emulating the floral lines of flared A-line skirts.

Most summer parties in the Hamptons incorporate beach themes and activities. A party dress designed by Versace or inspired by the famous house’s designs is perfect for any festive event. The dress above, carries a nautical theme but twists it by curving the stripes downward in the skirt. Other versions of nautical dresses turn the stripes around in starkly angular ways.  This dress is simply constructed but still flatters the figure. Slip dresses are always appropriate for a party. Nautical colors contrast endearingly with feminine lines and gauzy fabrics. All of these suggestions would be welcome at boat parties, clam bakes, lobster cook-offs and beach bonfires.

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