Introducing the latest from Havaianas – the Havaianas Dolls! Who says that dolls are only for little girls? Havaianas reinvents the world’s most lovable figurines into stylish flip-flops that all women can enjoy and wear proudly. I guess women will never outgrow their fascination with dolls. The magic,  beauty, and charm of childhood and femininity continue to remind us of such affinity which is why it’s not surprising to find different variations of these timeless childhood playthings in various regions and cultures around the world.

Havaianas Dolls

Havaianas brings these three different dolls to the forefront with the Havaianas Slim Dolls Collection— three uniquely designed styles that celebrate the magic, charm, and beauty of childhood and femininity. Choose from Havaianas Slim Brazilian, Havaianas Slim Kokeshi, and Havaianas Slim Matryoshka to let your feet explore the different styles and meanings of the dolls from three rich and diverse cultures.

Feeling playful and festive? Then let Havaianas Slim Brazilian lead your feet to a colorful party of sorts. Ethnic prints, palm trees and fronds take you to the warm, lively country of Brazil, while a tiny Bahiana doll charm lends a cute touch to this style’s slim straps. Go crazy with colors and choose from Lavender Blue, Lemon, and White.

Havaianas Slim Dolls Collection

You can also add a little romance to your walk with the pretty and delicate Havaianas Slim Kokeshi, featuring a tiny metal Kokeshi charm on a slim strap and dainty prints inspired by the traditional Japanese dolls, which have always been acknowledged as symbols of happiness and longevity. Mix and match these delightful colors—Baby Lilac, Dark Brown/Golden Sun, or Grey Silver—with jeans and tees or frilly skirts and blouses.

Havaianas Slim Dolls Collection

Embrace your caring and nurturing personality with Havaianas Slim Matryoshka, available in Dark Brown, Navy Blue, and Sugar Coral. Pair your everyday casuals with updated and modern designs that take inspiration from these traditional Russian nesting dolls. Slim straps with colors that contrast with the flip-flop’s elegant charms and beautiful prints create wearable pieces of art that will go well with any of your summer outfits.

Havaianas Slim Dolls Collection

The Havaianas Slim Dolls Collection is available in All Flip-Flops SM City Havaianas Cebu and All Flip Flops, Ayala Center Cebu.