I was born with thin curly hair that fanned into this unruly mass of waviness in my early 20s. Lately, it really started to give me ideas. When rebonding became the next thing to hair relax, I turned a blind eye and refuse to ever go anywhere near a salon that promises reed straight hair in 6 hours. So I had to do what I had to do – improvise, research and haul for hair products that make my mane look respectable and well, straight. All that time and effort turned me into a hair product junkie (will take a photo of the hoarding moments I had just like this) and yet, I still get frustrating results.

Sometimes the best results to hair straightening is not because of how expensive your hair straightening iron is or how rich your straightening shampoo. Perhaps maybe that is why I tried TRESemme Thermal Creations Straightening Balm. The Flawless Curls Curl-Definition Jelly is another story.

The straightening balm is part of Tresemme Thermal Creations range that promises “complete line of salon-quality, affordable hair care and styling products, designed to meet your hair needs.”  The result? A silky, glossy finish.

TRESemme Thermal Creations Straightening Balm $7 or P300
Metro Ayala

Straightens hair while adding a natural, healthy shine and is heat-activated to reduce straightening time. 
Easily glides through hair, reducing straightening time and giving you a sleeker straighter style.
activated by heat styling, so when you use your hair dryer, tongs and straighteners, the product is activated into protecting your hair.
Smoothes & shines curly or wavy hair
Helps brush glide easily through hair while blow drying
Coats your hair with straightening agents

TRESemme Hair Products

The packaging comes in a black squeeze tube with a red pop cap. The pop cap is at the bottom of the tube and is also used as a base to stand it up on the dresser, or where ever you keep your hair products.

How to use it productively:

best used on damp hair after a shampoo and condition.
Just a tiny blob to spread it through all your hair
Use a detangling comb to evenly spread through hair
Style hair (blow dry, iron)

The product itself is quite thick in texture, but spreads quickly and easily – like vaseline! It does not have a strong smell, but if you give it a good whiff it does have a nice, subtle scent to it, which is fresh and reminds you of a hair salon. Plus, it’s heat-activated to reduce straightening time – which means, should you decide to iron your hair, you will be done in 15minutes tops. However, when Philippines humidity strikes, I found myself hating that the top part of my head that has suddenly gone back to being wavy after a few hours outdoors. So sad, though, but at least it was able to hold that straighteness even after the after party. At less than Php500, this tube will last me around 6 months and will certainly be  helpful when you need an extra hand to straighten your hair.

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

What about you? Do you have an HD hair straightening hair product? I want to try more!

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