The University of the Philippines Cebu Student Council (UPCSC) together with Spectrum Productions brings once again this year’s grandest and most awaited event among college students and music enthusiasts in Cebu- UP Cookout 2012. Cook Out 2012 is set on August 10, at the University of the Philippines Cebu College Grounds from dusk till dawn.

The annual UP Cook Out, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, carries the theme “Iskonek. Reboot the system. Start up!” Iskonek relates to the different relevant issues about internet use such as the correct use of the social networking sites as platform for social activism.
“The unprecedented power of the internet medium should be utilized properly in raising social consciousness among Filipinos. Filipinos should transcend merely on tweeting or posting status updates about what you do and where you go when using social media. Rather, it should be a platform for social fora and activism,” said King Anthony Perez, Vice-Chairperson of the Student Council.
Cookout 2012 will also be featuring student performances and prominent Cebuano-based performers like Dance Wd Me Kris, Decadance, Doorknob,
Drop Decay, Spanghew, Shuffled, Bethany, Missing Filemom, Powerspoonz, Rescue A Hero, Gestalt, Foc Fashion
With this year’s advocacy and guest performers, Cook Out 2012 is the ultimate celebration and entertainment you surely don’t want to miss!