Chalk it up to spontaneity and the knack for classic style! The best plans are always unplanned and Cebu fashion designer Vania Romoff just had to show you that you don’t need all that careful and tedious planning to come up with something as creative as this!

Vanilla Label by Cebu Fashion Designer Vania Romoff

Vanilla Label is Vania’s newest ready-to-wear collection that she plans to sell to all markets even if she has been in Manila for a year already. Your afterhours and your closet finally met its match!

Vanilla Label by Vania Romoffo

“Never gave much thought to it… I just wanted something that was easy to remember. I like Vanilla. It just appeals to me.. This was a spur of the moment project,” says Vania of the name Vanilla Label. Since it is a ready-to-wear collection, Vania decided to name pieces after her friends who helped out because it is also easier to remember.

When I asked Vania who do you think should be wearing Vanilla Label, she said, “Im trying to cater to as wide of a client base as possible. I dont want to restrict the brad to a certain niche. Id love to see my pieces on a lot of people. In Manila? Maybe the chic set of Georgina Wilson, Solenn heussaf, Belle daza, etc. “

Vanilla Label by Vania Romoff

Vanilla Label by Vania Romoff

Vania feels that fashion designing is a hobby and career. She says, “I consider myself an ‘aspiring’ designer still. Hahaha. I guess as long as youre passionate about what you want, thats all youll ever need.” She describes her style as “comfort first with a dash of creativity, topped of with common sense,” and that the 5 things that define “looks” to her is “personality, attitude, taste, conviction and fun!”

Vanilla Label of Vania Romoff

Vanilla Label by Vania Romoff

Vania Romoff Vanilla label

The collection is neat, classic and elegant. This would be the kind of outfits you would want to wear to work on a Friday night because you know you’d be having cocktails afterwards. Perhaps this is your ideal day into evening kind of look. You can dress it down with a pair of sandals or dress it up with heels. This is the AFTERSIX part that Vania would be introducing to you soon. This is why we want our work wear to breath a sigh of relief.

Vania Romoff
Originally from Cebu, Vania Romoff is currently studying in the School of Fashion and the Arts. Vania Romoff  grew up surrounded by a family of deisgners so she believes she was born into it and eventually grew into it. Vania loves Inno Sotto, Ivarluski Aserons’ ingenuity, Hindy Tantoco’s fresh designs, the intricacy of Jun Escario’s pieces, the craftmanship of Cary Santiago and, of course, she will always stay loyal to her brother anthony romoff whom she claims as her favorite designer. Her best shows are Metrowear100 and Philippine Fashion Week.Vanilla Label by Vania Romoff available at the Multiply site; Email; mobile (0917) 345-9666. Also visit (Photos by Vito Selma)