Imagine a world ruled by people who fancy the luxurious, glamorous and divine. In Cebu, two designers who specialize in the same aspects joined forces in styling a lifestyle that would make a dazzling impression to people who expect those qualities in their shopping enterprise. This only seemed natural that Fabiola Marin’s Vanita Lingerie and Vania Romoff’s Vanilla Label showcased together pieces of their collection to their growing fanbase last November 18 at the Vanita Buyer’s Night held at the TinderBox.

Vanita Lingerie and Vania Romoff Cebu Fashion at the Tinderbox
Minutes after the show started, models came in gasp-inducing renditions of Burlesque in advance screening mode!  Vanita paid tribute to satin, lace and tulle from her Donna and Contessa Collection while Vania’s cover ups were coy and sexy at the same time. Fabiola truly “utilize advanced Italian systems and European and Japanese machinery to ensure the highest quality and efficiency.” The show stopping favorite were the corsets over the Vanilla Label trousers called the Mikey pants and ruffled skirts. All of these translates to styles that have the hallmarks of a true designer chic.

Ditch the granny panties, ladies, and embrace the “inner wear as outer wear” mantra and enjoy that dreamy yet discreet sex appeal that seems to exhibit in all Vanita Lingerie.  After your purchase, you can join the house of vanita club for some exclusive perks which include discounts, invites to events and free boudoir shoots with your friends!

the lovely Aziza, host of luxury and glam!

Aziza Mondoñedo of Vanita wanted to thank Vania Romoff, “for lending me her beautiful pieces for the show; Chicoy and the models for being so helpful and cooperative; Emi Ayag and his team for the hair and make-up and my friend’s and anita’s regular customers who flew in from Manila just for the show.” Last but definitely not the least,  Aziza also is grateful for the entire staff of the Tinder Box for the delicious food & drinks, and for taking care of their guests during the event. For more photos, please go here.

Vanita Lingerie is available for sale at their online store here while Vanita Lingerie is on display at Aziza and Tinderbox, Crossroads.