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There was a spring in my step when I went to the 6th Make Your Own Havaianas 2011 at the Atrium of SM City Cebu North Wing because 1. I’d be choosing my pairs in advance before the event goes public, 2. checking out Havaianas’ top choices for Citizens of Summer and 3. seeing friends from the media again!

I love how the Atrium was played up like a fancier and dolled up version of an airport – colorful ropes, its own entrance and exit with archs (likened to the actual ones that beep when you carry something with metal with you) and our guest lounge – take that, Mabuhay Lounge! Haha. Detalia Aurora designed seaters and table tops for everyone to sit, chat and fawn over their Havaianas choices. Like I told a friend that afternoon, “Wow, everyone is in first class!”

I had a hard time choosing again as always every MYOH CEBU! Sorry, that part of being a Libran strikes me as odd. The lever of the color wheel had to witness my frustration countless times! And how many times did I end up changing my mind? I try to hoard as many as I can every year because it is not everyday that you are given this opportunity to make your own havaianas flip flops without queuing and waiting for your turn for the crew to even meet your eye. The agonizing lines are box office long! This year’s limited edition Estampas Top and Slim styles are sold together with the regular Havaianas Top and Slims. And Havaianas Top Mixes – I am so inlove with them!

This is the moment when gestation of creativity is manifested in pops of lemon, corals and baby blues! You tend to get creative and hoard all pins all over the world – our favorites were the Harajuku doll, I heart NY, Coliseum, London Guard and the Eiffel Tower. Collect all those and no one would think that you didn’t travel countries that celebrate style across the globe from July 28 to August 1 – all 4 days! Limited Estampas Top and Slim flip-flops that have the stamp dates on the soles representing the year Havaianas arrived in a particular country were too delicious to pass up.

AL Amizade awarded Divine Maitland-Smith, Lani Taylor-Pasquet, Mia Arcenas, Paul Kiener and Lluiher HAVAIANAS Citizens of Summer in acknowledgment as one of the fun and stylish lot who truly live out the summer spirit of Havaianas wherever they go.

MYOH 2011 in CEBU


The ILuvCebu.com team! Group hug guys!

I asked Aimil what are the usual colors that stand out among her Havaianas lot. “I stick to the plain ones –  nudes soles,” she said. “.. then with a pop of color to go along with it!”

MYOH 2011 in CEBU

Leanne Florendo says that whenever she travels, she carries at least 2 pairs of Havaianas with her. “Depends if its an overnight trip or a weekend getaway!”

Lani Taylor Pasquet (pronounced as Pas-kay) said, “I got the green like a turquoise Im not sure how they call it with the dark pink strap with Eiffel tower and ph logo. Because im ph/french… simple reason these are my favorite colors.”

Mia says, “I got the SLIM PAIR, lime soles w/ grape straps! and the pins I stapled on were the ones that symbolized the places where I wanted to travel to!”

Havaianas wants people like us to experience summer anytime, anywhere and the freedom to effectively interpret summer as the only fabulous season we should be in has become the brand’s DNA for years. This year, for every purchase of a MYOH pair with the Harajuku Doll pin, part of the proceeds will be donated to the earthquake survivors of Japan through the Philippine Red Cross. Thank you BigSeed Media and AL Amizade. Obrigado!

One of the pairs I went home with. Will do a separate blog on them asap!

A.L. Amizade Marketing, Inc. is the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Central and Eastern Visayas. Havaianas is also available at Rustan’s, July (Imperial Palace), Republik, Maribago Blue Water Resort, Abaca Boutique Resort and R.O.X Ayala, or visit www.havaianas.com for more details.

*Published also today at the Freeman Cebu. Read full text here

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