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This is not about dieting or exercise or product reviews. It’s not about sit-ups or smoothies. It’s about doing the things that will get you to a comfortable living within your means. Fashion may invade all aspects of my existence but having a home that is ready to dress my life would be very, very handsome.

I’ve relocated since 2005 and have been moving in several apartments so much I have met every imaginable landlord there is in history. Perhaps it is that time in my life that I want something to claim as my own besides my growing pile of credit card bills. The perennial hunt led me to weigh things after being shoved with so many options by so many developers and we (by we, my mom and the boyfriend) decided to consider getting a unit. Hence, the Persimmon Studios.

The Persimmon Studios is made up of two interconnected towers located in MJ Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City. We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Persimmon Studios in July and were overwhelmed by how everything you wanted is within reach without breaking the bank so much.


Persimmon Studios wants everyone to experience a hassle-free move in and their payment terms are very affordable. So why would you live in a condo in Cebu, or in Persimmon Studios, and when is the perfect time to do it?


  1. Get them while they’re still hot and preselling. A friend who owns a condo near Jones Avenue for example, paid around P2.5 million when he bought the unit last year. Now, the going rate for the same unit is P3.5 million, a 40% increase just after a year. Do the math.
  2. Location, location, location. When a condo is parked in the promo spot of everything accessible in Cebu, comfort and convenience would be the least of your concerns anymore. Persimmon Studios definitely has easy access to restaurants, schools, banks or hospitals.


3. Reputation of the Developer. AboitizLand, Inc. is a purveyor of craft distinct and quality communities to serve the industrial, commercial and residential needs of their neighbours.  The reputation of the developer can tell you how dedicated they are to work with the condo owners in managing the place. ABOITIZLAND Inc. is spending millions to build the 16-storey mid-rise condominium, the third and last condo tower to be built inside The Persimmon, the company’s first urban village in Cebu and this isn’t just one of their real estate projects. AboitizLand will begin the construction of The Persimmon Studios in the third quarter of 2013 and projected its completion by the third quarter of 2015.


4. Amenities and Population Density. Part of what you are paying for a condo includes the amenities that the condo has. Persimmon Studios has an amenity floor with kiddie and adult pool with function rooms, a clubhouse with gym and game room. Of course the more residents a condo has, the less space is available to you. In short, the more people living in a condo, the more inconvenient it gets because you will have to share the amenities with more people. The 4,434 lot area in the Persimmon Studios that will soon house 632 studio units in varying sizes will make certain you have all the space you need.


5. Fully furnished units. This is definitely a first in CEBU – the units at Persimmon Studios will have its own base cabinets, 7cu Samsung Refrigerator, 32” Samsung Flat Screen LCD TV, La Germania Electric Stove with Range hood, 1.5 HP Samsung Window Type A/C, a single or double bed, dining and living set and wardrobe cabinet inside a professionally interior designed unit.


If you’re looking to buy a condo, don’t be concerned with price alone even if the P7,888/month price with no spot down payments (the least) to already own a unit in Persimmon Studios is super generous!

Persimmon Studios prides on their cachet – to extend everyone’s philosophy of “Man or Woman at his or her Best” — a lifestyle focused on comfort, luxury, and sophistication — into a unique home collection with the same attention to detail as a custom-made suit.

The formula is beautiful.

With West Tower and North Tower occupied and nearly more than 300 units in 2015 to come, the golden age of Cebu living is just beginning. Start small and The Persimmon Studios will meet you halfway.

 To learn more about Persimmon Studios and how to book yourself a reservation, visit their website at and their Facebook page All photos from The Persimmon Studios.