Is there a person in your life that you truly look up to? One that inspired confidence in you and helped you become the beautiful and successful person that you are now? Does she embody not just a poker model look, a fashionable outlook and charming personality but also one that does not only positively influenced you but also others? Is the one who gambles on life yet is empowered over the challenges? Truly inspiring this woman is going to be – why not vote for her then?

Tupperware Brands Philippines puts the spotlight on strong and confident Filipinas who have proven that they can make a difference in people’s lives by recognizing their achievements and positive influences. A firm believer that confident women can change the world, the company honours exemplary and independent women.

This Search seeks out 10 women who embody Confidence, and can serve as an inspiration to others. We want women who are motivators, who dream big and pursue those dreams. These are women who make the most out of every day, and take on life’s challenges with a positive and headstrong attitude. These women initiate positive change through their exemplary attitude and self-assurance. She can be anyone – a wife, a mother, a friend, a poker barbie, teacher or a community mover.

The 10 women of Confidence will be chosen based on how they have made a difference in their family lives, their fields of work, and in society through their character and integrity. To qualify, nominated women must be contributors or avid supporters in their respective fields, and must hold Filipino citizenship. Do you already have an idea who to name now? Send the completed form together with your chosen nominee’s Confidence story to

Download Search for 10 Women of Confidence – Nomination Form.