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One of the reasons why I love online shopping is the convenience of multi-tasking in one event. Hitting two birds with one stone. 24/7 Shopping without being shooed away by salesladies because they are doing inventory. No disappointment over seeing the CLOSED sign in your favorite stores because its past mall hours. Ah, thank you, Zalora. This online shopping portal that houses top local brands, high end products, pet finds and even beauty products has just visited Cebu to launch Zalora and show Cebu that we can purchase and find even sought-after brands even when we are at home and in bed. To test out the water, we were given the chance to try out their online checkout counters and I was not disappointed!


Zalora, the country’s first full-service online fashion shopping e-tailer defines online shopping ease and efficiency to the letter. I tried my first ever purchase at Zalora and was given a code to test out their checkout process. I ran into a crux when I cancelled my order last minute as I wanted to pay with my credit card instead of exiting through paypal. When I entered my code again, nothing happened.

I immediately chatted with their customer service online and was instantly given instructions by a woman who said to wait until tomorrow to checkout because my promo code will be reinstated in their system. While my Wishlist was piling up the next day, someone emailed me to go ahead with the new promo code they just sent out. It was fairly easy and the within two days —



Voila! I got the CUZO satchel in real cow leather. The color was not as vibrant as it was in the photos but I am definitely in love.

This retails at P2,850.

I love the line of products and brands they have such as Virus, some pet accessories and even trendy computer luggage brand Lulu.

I’m not really keen on getting the clothes because with my body type, everything has to be tried on inside a fitting room! Ha. Perhaps in the future I will probably toggle between Mediums and Larges but for now I am immensely happy with Zalora from the Add to Cart process to tearing my box apart. Have you shopped at Zalora lately? Would love to hear about your shopping experience! Instylecebu will giving away a 5% discount to you. Just use INSTYLECEBU as your discount code upon checkout and shopping has never been this much fun!

The site went live on Feb 29 and the traffic received was beyond their expectations.  ZALORA is a complete end-to-end experience, more than just a shopping platform but a community where news, trends and ideas are shared. There’s no reason it can’t be the biggest retailer in the country. Drop by for more details. Zalora’s Customer Service Team can be reached at 1800-8-8181818 (Toll Free Globe) or 1800-10-1818181 (Toll Free PLDT) between 7AM to 1AM.

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Kristine Roa The Glamarazzi

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  • Chin

    I shop at Zalora, too, for just about everything these days from bag to slippers! I like that they’re constantly adding brands to their store. Yesterday, I found out they have Gold Dot and Pill. They even have Wacoal, imagine that!

    • Kristine Roa

      Chin!! Hahah! I bet you must be trigger happy! I love their beauty products and yes they ALWAYS add brands in their site. There is always something to look forward to in Zalora! :-) Thanks for dropping by xx

  • ione blanche

    Absolutely addicted to Zalora! I love their clothes from Museum and Estelle. Accesories from Pink Tequila and so much more!!! .

    • Kristine Roa

      Nice reco geng! I might have to check on those brands myself! :-)

  • CUZO

    Hi Kristine, thanks for getting a CUZO Anne Satchel. We are happy to know that you loved it.

    • zalora ph

      The pleasure is mine!!


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  • Emy

    Hi, this is long, please bear with me.

    M first two transactions with Zalora was fine, but I have been disappointed these past few days. For my first transaction, I bought a pair of shoes, size 36. It took 4 days to reach me. When I tried the shoes, they were too tight so I returned the pair, no problem, had it replaced with a size 37 (another brand). It took 15 days to reach me and the sad thing is, the shoes were loose. Tsk, tsk. I told Zalora I was going to return the shoes and asked for a refund because I could not find a replacement that I like. They said it was okay.

    I returned the second pair of shoes August 8, until now I did not get the refund that I was asking. They have not been answering my email. I followed up after a week, and a certain Rhia C. said they have not received the item yet. After 14 days I sent another email, and two more emails after that with no reply. I called them and I could not even leave a message, their inbox is full! I am so disappointed. I went to LBC to check whether or not the item was delivered to XEND Business Solution (that’s where you send a returned item) and I was given a transaction transmittal. I sent the shoes on Aug. 8, they were delivered and received by XEND Aug. 10. Tsk, tsk, tsk, this is not good service anymore.

    Do you happen to know anyone at Zalora? If so, I’d appreciate some help here. Thanks lots!

    • Kristine Roa

      Hi Emy! I can totally understand the frustration. I hope it was just a little misunderstanding that can fixed right away. I can certainly forward this concern over to them :-) Thank you for sharing your experience!

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