ZenZest Asia, a Filipino brand that specializes in class yet affordable bath and body care products, fragrances and home ambiance products, just launched their latest fragrance collection – the ZenZest Sparkling Sugar Collection!

Bet you never miss that pop up shops all over the malls in red stalls that houses all kinds of noteworthy scents that just tickles the woman in us! Not a virgin of Zenzest products as I sometimes buy their fragrance diffuser for my apartment and thought about getting those organic line of hair care but these new scents are just too good to pass up! These are the actual and complete line of scents of the new Zenzest Sparkling Sugar Collection.

The generous people of ZENZEST Asia gifted In Stylecebu a bag of goodies from their Sparkling Sugar Collection and a fragrance diffuser as a bonus! The first thing I did with them? Spritz on a bit to stick ons and left them to dry for a day.

Inspired by delicious sweets and fruity aromas, check out some of the flavors from the Zenzest Sparkling Sugar Collection –

BERRY COBBLER – A fruity recipe of raspberry and blueberry with traces of creamy vanilla

COTTON CANDY – Has playful, fluffy fragrance reminiscent of youthful innocence.

WATERMELON SORBET – Lght and refreshing, this fresh mist is a great revitalize. It keeps temperature low but spirits forever high. Reminiscent of fresh and ice cold watermelon

KEY LIME PIE – One splash is never enough. The sharp scent of green key lime and the comforting warmth of milk lingers on the skin, soothes and soul and makes you want to ask more.

CHERRY CHEESECAKE – One whiff instantly reveals the combined fragrance of slightly tart cherries, calming vanilla and saccharine honey. The luxurious combination fills the air with sugar, spice and everything nice

VANILLA ICE CREAM – The allure of this scent is difficult to forget. The delicious scent of fresh vanilla beans and velvety goodness of milk with light honey understoned.

Now aren’t you going to ask the verdict after the stick ons dried out? The Cotton Candy was the one smell that lingered the most! Vanilla Scent also sticks and I thought this would be the perfect scent for date nights! Sultry yes! Vanilla Ice Cream and Cotton Candy may be your favorite and I’m guessing they will be bestsellers!

ZENZEST CEBU is located at 2/F Ayala Center Cebu (near Janylin) and SM Northwing (near Chinabank).