Cable Car and Scrapyard Lounge launches it’s new food dishes

Scrapyard is set to serve soon deliciously prepared dishes just perfect to compliment your choice of drinks for the night. Gambas prepared from fresh shrimps, Baked oysters topped with creamy cheese sauce, Sautéed Spanish Chorizo, Salpicao and more.

And to enhance the existing and fast moving menu items of Cable Car, additional dishes like Sizzling Pochero, Street Food Platter, Pork and Shrimp Sinigang, Fish and Fries are being made available to complete your dinner of sumptuous and balanced combination before rocking the night with dancing, drinking and listening to great music.

The Cable Car Rice

Stir fried rice with chicken adobo bits and topped with scrambled scrambled egg- a simple sounding recipe but one that’s been a closely guarded secret for 20 years

cable car new menu--2
The Senior Gripman’s Burger

A huge serving of burger and fries with thousand island dipping sauce will sate even the most carnivorous hankerings.

  cable car new menu--3
The Sizzling Tapa

Made from sirloin cut beef.  Every juicy bite oozes a peppery flavor tempered by the accompanying vinegar dipping sauce.

  cable car new menu--4

The Shrimp Scampi Pizza

Cable Car’s best-kept secret. It’s the cheesy choice of those in the know because of its cream based crust. Showered with shrimp and a mountain of mozarella.

cable car new menu--5
The Taco

Generously heaped with cheese and bell peppers and served with freshly made salsa

Last February Cable Car also launched The Beer Promo from Sunday – Thursday on all local beers. Have it solo for P50 per bottle or enjoy it with your friends for P250 per bucket only with a choice of Crispy Sisig or Baked Oysters for Free.


Nomihodai means “All You Can Drink” in Japan. Every Friday and Saturday from 9 – 11 pm for P500 you can have a time of your life where our Premium Drinks are Unlimited! Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Absolut Vodka and Captain Morgan are on the list plus selected cocktails and  all local beers.

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