Marco Polo Plaza Cebu invites you to Sugbusog 2015

Come and feast on the finest of Cebuano dishes as Café Marco brings you the first Culinary Journeys of the year, “Sugbusog 2015: Pangkaong Inato”!

From January 9 to 18 over lunch and dinner on Sinulog 2015, delight on a stretch of Cebuano food favorites from appetizers and salads such as Kinilaw nga Tanguige (Raw Fish Soaked in Vinegar and Spices) and Kinusit-kusit nga Nokos (Flaked Dried Squid); Soups like Linarang na Bareles (Hot and Sour Fish Soup) and Tinolang Manok Bisaya (Native Chicken with Chili Leaves, Papaya and Malunggay); Adobong Mais Kan-on (Corn Grits), Balbacua (Ox Tail and Knuckles in Peanut Sauce); classic street food favorites like Kwek-Kwek, Crispy Pork Aping and Balot No.18 with Salt and Pinakurat Vinegar. Plus, savor the much-loved Cebu Lechon Baboy with Puso (Hanging Rice) Sinugbang Isda (Grilled Fish) and a lot more.

Celebrate Sinulog de Cebu at the “Best Buffet in Cebu City”, Café Marco with Culinary Journeys “Sugbusog 2015: Pagkaong Inato”. Check out photos of the launching last Friday below.

For inquiries and reservations, please call: Cebu (63 32) 253 1111 or Manila at (63 2) 887 1263.

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