#MujiToGo and Your Favorite Travel Companion

Our countless times on the road and living in a “suitcase lifestyle” has taught us a lot about traveling in style, traveling on a budget, and traveling in wise routes so much that sometimes we forget about the journey and the memories that go along with each trip. We miss to appreciate the bond we form when we make plans with friends and also note down what actually made that trip convenient for us.


What makes your trip memorable? Is it the lavish treatment of a 5-star hotel you were booked into? Is it how you pat yourself on the back for dealing with a travel agent who gave you the best rates in your tours?  Is the best times with friends over street food at some unconquered continent in the world? 

I say yes to all of those above and more. But do you know trips are made extra memorable when you are accompanied by travel companions that make your trips convenient?

Say hi to my favorite travel buddies – Warren and Jay! Our years of us almost growing up together make us want to explore things together, naturally!  I’d like to say that there is never a dull moment with these two but I’d like to tell you how safe, spoiled and fulfilling traveling is with these two more. 

Eating Burger King after spending an afternoon at the Food Expo in Singapore – an entire hallway full of suppliers from the food and beverage industry all over the world would make you think we would be sick of eating by now. I guess not. 

This is how we wake up in Singapore. 

Boracay when we were still good at makng 1 feet jumpshots! 

Another trip to Singapore at Universal Studios – this time with Anton and Nicolo (right)

Another Boracay getaway please where we hoarded lobsters and oysters!

Those nights in Singapore again!

Super overwhelmed at the brands in Canton Road, Tsim Tsa Tsui Hongkong

Just like Muji To Go, our favorite travel companion is a reliable, trustworthy person or item that you enjoy traveling with. The trip will always be memorable and personal every time you go on a trip with it.


What about you? Tell us how traveling makes it all awesome with your favorite travel companions!

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