Why I'm Getting My Enjoy Card for 2012

Why I’m Getting My Enjoy Card for 2012


I had a preminition back then. I knew that someone would feel sorry for the amount of money I spend on my lifestyle. Someone might consider coming up with a system that not only gives you more reason to indulge in the same lifestyle without actually spending more and even getting discounts in return. When I first used my Enjoy card in all its red-tin can glory after the Enjoy Card launch in Maya, I gave my Enjoy Card to an Ila Puti waiter who was more than happy to accommodate me. Then I used it on Fully Booked. Then Red Box. Then Cyma. Then Chikaan. Bellinis. Vudu. FORMO. I WAS HOOKED. The influx of discounts was astounding and overwhelming I cannot go out of the house without it. Before the year ends, Enjoy Lifestyle Card will be releasing their 2012 Edition soon. Do you know why I am going to be getting my Enjoy Card for 2012?

Enjoy 2012

+Everything is real time.

A suite of apps for the iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson handsets are available for download. You can navigate the app to your convenience. I get updated on the latest discounts and merchants that partnered with Enjoy and everything is all real time


+Money-back guarantee is an understatement.

20% more merchant offers; up to 15 months of membership.
Cebu merchants are fast piling up and sooner it will become as thick as the Manila Edition
The total price of your Enjoy Card 2012 is doubled, if not, tripled in rebates and discounts!


Enjoy Card Philippines is probably the hippest and trendiest privilege card evah! Enjoy even sent me a new booklet for merchants that were added in the middle of the year. How much more in 2012?

+ Strong brand recognition.

The guide book/coupon book is already a catalogue of places you might want to go in the future. Find the widest network of premium merchants all over the Philippines. Sometimes I bring the book with me and see what’s on the menu.

Check out the double-sided pages dedicated to the venue – phone number, business hours, etc.

It provides extensive information of the establishment along with amazing photography and comprehensive contact information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Keep posted for the 2012 release of Enjoy card soon from their website. So, how did you maximize your Enjoy card?

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